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Canadian Sablefish Association


The Canadian Sablefish Association has a long established and well earned reputation of providing top quality product that is sustainably harvested from the cool deep waters of the North Pacific.



Sablefish have been harvested in the deep waters off the west coast of BC, Canada for more than 40 years.
For the CSA, sustainability means making investments in intensive scientific research.


Our fishery began in the late 1970's when Canadian fisherman started to pursue the overseas market.

Our Environmental Partners

The Wild Canadian Sablefish fishery takes pride in protecting fish stocks for future generations, managing the resource sustainably and taking steps to respect the habitat we fish in.

The Story of Canadian Sablefish: Ocean to table

Your Nation’s Table provides a fascinating insight into the harvest of wild seafood along the rugged BC coastline, and the colourful characters who are responsible for catching, processing, and preparing it. Watch the inspiring stories that illustrate how, by delivering the finest seafood to domestic and global markets, they are playing a vital role in the Canadian food economy.

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