The Canadian Sablefish Association

The Canadian Sablefish Association (CSA) was founded in 1987 by the original 48 fishermen granted licences to fish sablefish off the coast of BC in the early days of the fishery.  Formed to represent the interests of licence holders, this grass roots organization pioneered the concept of sustainability long before today’s emerging trends demanding responsible fishing.

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In one of the first partnerships between industry and Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, fishermen entered into a Joint Project Agreement to commit to and invest in true stewardship of Canada’s sablefish resource.


Through innovative scientific research and stock assessment as well as ground breaking fisheries management approaches, Canada’s sablefish fishery has become a model for fisheries around the world on how to protect fish stocks and ecosystems for generations to come.


We are proud to be recognized, together with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, by the world’s top sustainability programs for meeting and exceeding the high standards of ecosystem-based fisheries management.

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      making sure there will be fish around for generations to come 


       making sure we get our fair share of that fish in an environment of competing interests 


       minimizing the costs of the fishery 


       maximizing the value of the fish 


       maintaining a strategic and effective association


The CSA’s mandate is to protect and manage the sablefish fishery for the benefit of BC sablefish licence holders, but also all stakeholders. We do this by: