Canadian Sablefish Association

PO Box 297 Ganges

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia 

Canada, V8K 2V9

Phone: (604) 277-5773

Executive Staff and Board of Directors

o    Executive Director: Chris Acheson

o    Administration: Wayne Glover

o    President: Erling Olsen

o    Vice President: Bob Fraumeni

o    Secretary-Treasurer: James DeGreef

o    Director Longline: Blair Pearl

o    Director Longline: Neil Main

o    Director Longline: Brewster Woodburn

o    Director Longline: Tom Russell

o    Director Trap: Tim Joys

o    Director Trap: Kyle Brynjolfson

o    Director Trap: Chris Heras

o    Director Trap: Deacon Melnychuk

o    Sablefish Rep Halibut: Art Davidson

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