Our Science Rewards Program


The Canadian Sablefish Association runs an internal Sablefish Rewards Program where fishers receive points that can be used towards annual cash prizes at the AGM. This is a fun way to reward sablefish fishers with supporting science, data capture, and collecting biosamples while conducting their fishing operations.



For Canadian Sablefish Fishers, please note:


We’re pleased to advise that effective immediately, the Sablefish Biosample Collection Program and the Tagged Sablefish Program, will require HEADS-ONLY samples.


The objective of this change is to improve the quality and quantity of important data which is needed to inform the future management and sustainability of the Sablefish fishery.  


Please make sure to carefully read the attached notices and instructions:

  • Sablefish Biosample Collection NOTICE

  • Sablefish Biosample Collection INSTRUCTIONS and FORM

  • Tagged Sablefish Program NOTICE

  • Sablefish SEX GUIDE



The Sablefish Rewards Program will continue with 1 reward point and 1 entry in the cash prize draw for each tagged Sablefish returned and 20 reward points for each biological sample provided. 



For more information, see PDFs below:


Biosample Collection Program


Tagged Sablefish Program

Sablefish Rewards Catalogue



Special thanks to DFO’s Rob Kronlund, Malcolm Wyeth, Kathryn Temple and Kristina Anderson for the innovative science work that made this change possible and to Brendan Connors for the new protocols and Lindsay Gardner for implementation support.